Recruitment mailbox:

  • Purchasing Engineer

    Job duties:
    1, it is responsible for planning the purchase budget, ensuring the quality of the products, effectively controlling the purchasing cost, and ensuring the long-term maintenance and management of the supplier's quotation and purchase price.
    2, responsible for supplier evaluation and screening, developing new procurement channels, developing new supplier resources, improving supplier management mechanism, ensuring quality, efficiency and low cost of purchasing materials.
    3, communication and coordination with suppliers, and the signing of procurement contracts.
    4. Responsible for the formulation, execution and follow-up of the procurement contract, the tracking and control of the delivery date of the purchase goods.
    5. It is responsible for submitting the payment application, tracking the incoming invoice for the goods and submitting it in time.
    6, assist relevant departments to properly solve problems in the process of operation, assist purchasing managers to continuously optimize and improve the procurement process, ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of procurement tasks.
    7, complete the other work given by the Department Manager.
    Job requirements:
    1, junior college or above, received training in purchasing management and so on.
    2. More than 5 years experience in related industry, have the ability to analyze basic material consumption according to blueprint, understand construction management and process, and have experience in lighting purchase is preferred.
    3. Familiar with the purchasing process, good communication ability, negotiation ability and cost consciousness.
    4, have strong negotiation ability, management ability, analysis ability, guarantee quality and quantity to complete the purchase goal;
    5, careful and conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking and strong team spirit.
    6, have good professional ethics and quality, can bear certain work pressure.

  • Purchasing Assistant

    Job duties:
    1. Manage the purchase contract and the supplier documents, and establish the information resource bank of the supplier.
    2, manage and register all kinds of accounts and documents of the purchasing department.
    3. Collect and organize the supply information and establish the corresponding work form.
    4, complete the other tasks assigned by the leadership.
    Job requirements:
    1, proficient in the use of Word, Excel and other office software, computer operation skillfully;
    2, careful and conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking and strong team spirit.
    3. Working experience in building materials industry is preferred;
    4, excellent graduates are also available.

  • Cost accounting

    Job duties:
    1. responsible for the company's project cost accounting, budget control, financial analysis and other work.
    2. complete the material, manual and accounting of the cost, and provide the cost information in time.
    3. carry on the cost analysis, judge and deal with the abnormal situation.
    4. monthly and quarterly cost plans, monthly costs and annual reports;
    5. use professional methods to forecast the cost level of the future and make the cost level plan for a certain period.
    6. to collect and collate the cost data of the project, and to establish a perfect cost file system and database.
    7. complete the other tasks assigned by the leadership.
    Job requirements:
    1, more than 3 years experience in cost accounting; add: junior college degree or above, finance or accounting management), college degree or above, major in finance or accounting management.
    2, have [amend to: primary above (including primary) title] junior above (including primary) title, [this sentence is deleted. Cost accounting and cost analysis;
    3, it can provide accurate and timely cost information, and issue cost management report and effective analysis.
    4, have good professional ethics, full of responsibility, strong communication ability, can bear certain work pressure.

  • Marketing Manager

    Job duties:
    1, on the basis of maintaining the original customer, we can develop new customers, open up new market areas, excavate and track the information of the project, and complete the sales target.
    2, conscientiously do a good job of customer management and maintenance, make regular return visits, communicate with customers in time, and help customers to solve the problem of after-sales service.
    3, to control the risk of sales, to evaluate the customer's credit accurately, and to collect money to the customer in time.
    4. Collect market information and regularly feed back market dynamics.
    5, cooperate with other team members to ensure the smooth completion of the sales task and do a good job in market promotion.
    6, regularly analyze and organize the customer files, and maintain the Quartet relations (Design Institute, general package, owner, supervision) and obtain project information.
    7. Cooperate with the bidding related work and the negotiation and signing of the contract.
    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, related major in architecture, building materials, marketing and market.
    2. With more than 1 years of marketing experience in lighting, landscape design, building, building materials industry, and more than 2 years experience in lighting industry.
    3. It has rich customer resources and customer relationship, and has the ability to control large projects.
    4, excellent marketing ability, strong language ability and communication ability, and ability to analyze and solve problems independently.
    5, keen insight and good learning ability; can bear greater work pressure;
    6, frank and confident, optimistic and enterprising, a high degree of enthusiasm for work, good team spirit, a high spirit of dedication;
    7. To be able to travel regularly, to master the office skills of the computer skillfully, and to prepare the bidding documents.

  • Project manager

    Job duties:
    1, there are more than 5 years working experience in engineering management of lighting or electromechanical installation or municipal industry, and have a corresponding understanding of lighting technology, electrical technology, automation technology and LED lighting technology.
    2, able to skillfully use basic software tools, including: CAD, PPT, Excel, Word, glodon (or not, Hongye and PKPM) and Project (or other engineering software, information management software);
    3, familiar with lighting (or electromechanical, municipal engineering, etc.) engineering design and deepen the basic process of design, can use CAD for simple construction drawing and electrical drawing reading.
    4. Be familiar with the bidding of the project, and be able to compile technical documents for bidding.
    5. Familiar with engineering cost, engineering data and so on, can independently compile the documents of engineering data, budget, settlement and so on.
    6. Familiar with labor management, engineering materials, engineering machinery, and the general construction technology of various specialties;
    7, with rich experience in project management, it can independently accomplish all works in engineering management, coordinate the cooperation of various professional colleagues and coordinate the work of external units.
    8, with rich experience in engineering and technology, skilled in engineering technology specifications, able to inspect, guide and check the construction and installation of technology and safety.
    9. Proficient in technical communication and business communication.
    10, have team cooperation ability and corresponding leadership ability;
    11, with the quality of hardworking and hard work, it can adapt to the greater work intensity.
    12, be able to adapt to frequent overtime and travel on the basis of the project.
    13, lighting engineering or electromechanical installation engineering management experience rich is preferred.
    Job requirements:
    1, age 25~45 years old; 2, bachelor degree or above in science and engineering. The major of university is: lighting and light source, electrical and automation, broadcasting and communication, municipal administration, engineering management, engineering cost and related science and engineering specialty.
    3. The qualification certificate (electromechanical installation, municipal, communication and radio and television) with the state level one or two level builders;
    4. It is especially good for the middle and senior professional titles.
    5, lighting engineering or electromechanical installation project management experienced people can be appropriately relaxed.

  • Deputy manager of tendering and bidding

    Job duties:
    1, according to the requirements of bidding documents, we should take the lead in compiling and auditing bidding documents, and ensure the completeness, accuracy and rationality of the cost analysis data before and after the budget.
    2. In the bidding stage of the project, the budget is made in time and accurately, and the basis of the quotation is provided.
    3, grasp the accurate market price and budget price, adjust the pre - and settlement in time.
    4, provide the price of the work content of each service layer in time as the basis for the decision.
    5. Participate in the bidding documents, the compilation of the tender and the contract review, and collect the cost data of each project, and provide the basis for the bidding.
    6. To carry out the necessary field exploration work for the bidding project.
    7, in the bidding process, we should promptly deal with the bidding materials and problems in the field, ensure that the bidding documents are delivered on time, and ensure that the quotation is accurate and reasonable, and competitive.
    8. In charge of the bidding and negotiation of the project, which is explained and clarified to the owner (Party A) of the questionable part of the bid documents.
    9. Work out the terms of the contract and the negotiation of the contract.
    10, properly manage and keep the bidding documents, drawings, quotations, electronic documents, bidding materials and so on, and do a good job for the transfer of successful projects.
    11, to complete the other tasks assigned by the superior leaders.
    Job requirements:
    1, college or above, the age of 30-40 years;
    2, or 3 years of working experience in lighting or electrical engineering company, familiar with bidding process and bids production process;
    3. It has strong analytical ability, logical thinking ability and management coordination ability.
    4, with strong interpersonal communication and coordination ability and innovation ability;
    5. It has strong negotiation ability, insight and writing ability.

  • Lighting electrical designer

    Job duties:
    1. Communicate with the designer to understand the design intention of the scheme and the selection of lamps and lanterns, the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, and the control requirements, etc.
    2. It is responsible for the design of lighting electrical scheme, and the technical exchanges and technical docking with the landscape, the building, the curtain wall and other specialties.
    3. It is responsible for the installation of lighting equipment, the design of power supply and distribution and lighting control system. 
    4. Responsible for the design and drawing of the engineering drawings, the technical basis and the design changes.
    5. Take part in the completion acceptance of the project, the arrangement of the drawings, the drawing and other documents of the project.
    6, complete the other work given by the Department Manager.
    Job requirements:
    1. Major in construction and electrical specialties or above, engaged in electrical design for more than two years.
    2, skilled use of CAD drawing software, skilled production of electrical construction drawings; has some understanding of the outdoor lighting
    3, with internal and external coordination ability, can solve the relevant technical problems independently, conscientiously and conscientiously to the work, and strive for perfection. 
    4, have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising, good team spirit.
    5. It is a priority to be engaged in the design of the electrical engineering of the building and the work experience of the design institute.

  • Lighting designer

    Job duties:
    1, independently responsible for complete independent lighting design projects, including text, according to the lighting scheme of concept design, lighting scheme, computer presentation production and communication work; in accordance with the lighting project design process requirements and main designer arrangement, complete the corresponding design work;
    2. Be familiar with the light, luminaire and illuminance.
    3. Familiar with the international advanced design concept;
    4. The people with excellent ability are treated well.
    Job requirements:
    1, electrical, architectural, urban planning, environmental arts, landscape and other related major;
    2, skillfully operating AutoCAD, PS image processing software, PPT, DIALux, 3DMAX, flash and other design software;
    3, familiar with and love the lighting industry, lighting design with unique ideas and ideas;
    4 or more years of experience in lighting design, and a number of successful design cases;
    5, dedication, positive, strong sense of responsibility and communication skills and team spirit.
    6. Please bring the related works in the interview.

  • Master case Designer

    Job duties:
    1, collect the relevant information of the project, carry out investigation and Analysis on the scene, can communicate effectively with the owner of Party A, and understand the design requirements of Party A accurately;
    2, the overall control of the lighting design scheme can be completed independently. It includes the creativity of the plan, the organizational structure of the whole plan, the production of the computer demonstration text, the way to achieve the effect, the estimate of the investment and the preliminary examination of the electrical construction drawing.
    3, the presentation of the report, accurate and brilliant design ideas and highlights to the customers;
    4. Familiar with the basic knowledge of light sources, lamps and lanterns, etc., can carry on the preliminary conception according to the effect, and be responsible for the realization of the design effect.
    5. According to the needs of the project nodes, the implementation distribution of the design work and the quality of the key nodes are reasonably organized to ensure the efficient and high-quality completion of the design task. And with superior leaders to maintain a smooth and good communication of the project. Determine the potential business potential and crisis early warning of the project.
    6, responsible for the communication with the customer in the design and construction process, to ensure the customer's promotion of brand recognition.
    Job requirements:
    1, electrical, architectural, urban planning, environmental arts, landscape and other related major;
    2. Proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop, PPT, Dialux, 3Dmax, FLASH and other design software.
    3, familiar with and love the lighting industry, lighting design with unique ideas and ideas;
    4, more than five years experience in lighting design, and a number of successful design cases.
    5, dedication, positive, strong sense of responsibility and communication skills and team spirit.
    6. Please bring the related works in the interview.

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